Herbal Medicine & Supplements with Nutritional Therapy

Organic herbal medicines are used to effectively treat a wide range of medical conditions by supporting the body in its own attempts at self-healing, whilst avoiding the metabolic deregulation, symptom suppression and side effects frequently experienced with many pharmaceutical drugs.

Anjela Charles is a trained nutritionalist and Gerson Therapy Monitor. Anjela specialises in providing health screening and support for patients with cancer.

Our current system of pharmaceuticals is based on a long tradition of herbal medicine.
Did you know that a major heart drug was developed from Foxglove, aspirin was developed from a field flower known as Meadowsweet and subsequently the bark of the white willow tree, and Myrrh, valued since antiquity and mentioned in the bible as being as valuable as gold, remains one of the most effective anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial substances known?


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