Cancer Care

Anjela is currently expanding her busy practice to focus on providing health diagnosis and natural herbal medicine support for cancer patients as they undergo various stages of conventional treatments and recovery.

Anjela Charles founded Cancer Complementary Care in Derby in 1999 with the aim of providing specialised care for cancer-related disorders.

Anjela has experience of consulting for a wide range of patients with various cancer disorders; working alongside each patient and the treatment(s) that they may be receiving via the NHS.

Anjela Charles offers comprehensive health screening which provides essential information concerning causative factors, associated imbalances and deficiencies, and monitors the impact of conventional treatments.

The vast number of treatment options can be confusing and misleading. The health screening provides unbiased and objective information on how your body is coping with the disease, your current treatments and what would be the most beneficial steps to support your recovery and treatment.

Anjela Charles experience of working with cancer related disorders and knowledge of currently prescribed courses of chemotherapy is an essential aspect of her work.

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