Total Health Screen

Anjela Charles Total Health Screen  ©

. Consultation & Examination
. Full Medical History
. Height & Weight Measurements
. Body Mass Index
· Body Fat Percentage
· Basal Metabolic Rate
· Hydration Levels

Muscle & Bone Mass · Resting Blood Pressure · Blood Cholesterol Levels · Blood Sugar Levels · Urinalysis ~ testing for irregularities in kidney, liver, pancreatic function · Lung Function Testing · Respiratory Capacity · Other Clinical Examinations as required

. Full Bio-Resonance Health Screening including: Main Health Risks ~ Adrenal Function ~ Brain Serotonin Levels ~ Muscular Tension Levels ~ Tissue Oxygenation ~ Cellular Vitality.

The Total Health screen forms the starting point for all new patients at The Anjela Charles Clinic of Herbal Medicine. First of all, Anjela Charles will personally conduct this health assessment, which will be 90 minutes maximum duration. The key parts of Anjela Charles ~ Total Health Screen © are as follows:
Thorough review of medical history and discussion/insight into causative factors, based on Anjela Charles expertise and experience.

- Classical body metrics are taken: vs. BP (blood pressure), pulse, blood sugars, cholesterol, urine analysis, body composition etc.

- All new patients then undergo screening using the Quantum Bio Feedback analysis to determine imbalances in key body organs, glands and structures(e.g. vertebrae) - mineral levels, amino acid, intolerances and indicated causes e.g. food and specific allergens. General cell vitality index and immuno-reaction indicators.

This equipment was developed to fully monitor NASA astronauts during space flight and has proved invaluable in gaining indicative insight into related, and seemingly un-related, causative factors which has and can determine the route back to a patient's full health. This will be followed by further discussion with yourself, and review by Anjela Charles during the consultation.

Post consultation, Anjela Charles will fully analyse your results from above (taking additional 2 to 3 hours duration), undertaking appropriate medical research reviews into your indicated health problems, and then write a complete Anjela Charles ~ Total Health Screen © Report, for you.

This Anjela Charles ~ Total Health Screen © Report will include if appropriate specifically recommended dietry advice, herbal medicines and supplements which are prescribed to start you back on the road to regaining control of your health and aimed to improve/resolve your presenting symptoms.

We hope that this helps you to understand the work which is involved, not only in the actual new patient consultation itself, but also afterwards in the full analysis to determine possible causes and to build a personalised prescription and optimum lifestyle profile. Please do call us if you require further information.

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